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UpBeat Barre Levels Up Your Workouts!

Searching the internet for new tricep moves for your barre classes?

Stop scouring the internet for new barre moves

We've got everything you want, right here. In UpBeat Barre, we do the work of creating barre choreography set to popular radio tunes (no 32 count remix music here!), complete with notes, an instructional and the full song set to music. Then, we provide a plug-and-play experience so you can pick and choose the songs you want to learn and plug them into a full-body muscular endurance based workout, using one of our 12 class maps.

UpBeat Barre provides branding and consistency

UpBeat Barre provides branding for your classes, so they know what to expect. A killer muscular-endurance based workout that is simple, effective, and fun. Prepare to be blown away by your certification day training, where you will walk away knowing everything you need to do to create a great barre class. We love teaching UpBeat Barre, and we think you will too!

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