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About UpBeat

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UpBeat Barre

UpBeat Barre combines strength training, Pilates, cardio, and yoga into a high-energy fusion of fun. UPB rocks popular tunes for an intense and accessible muscular-endurance workout. 

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UpBeat Lift

UpBeat Lift combines pure strength SUPERSET with progressive overload endurance training, isolating muscle groups and working to failure with heavy weights, then working to build endurance in drop-sets. UPL rocks popular tunes, choreographed for an intense and accessible muscular strength workout. 

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UpBeat Pilates

UpBeat Pilates is a high-energy mat class that utilizes traditional Pilates elements and equipment in an UpBeat way. UPP rocks choreographed popular tunes for a core-focused, full body, consistent, and sweaty workout that leaves no muscle behind.

One Stop Shop

3 formats, one stop. Elevate your life and make class planning easy with UpBeat Barre, UpBeat Lift, and UpBeat Pilates. With plug-and-play class maps, customizable to your participant needs, and song-by-song choreography to keep your classes fresh, with new releases every week, let UpBeat do the work so you can shine.

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UpBeat Studio On Demand

With three formats, and fresh, always-rotating workouts available, work out with us at your convenience, day or night. With Studio Shorts you'll find a workout to fit whatever time you have, and our full classes are not only an incredible workout but also an EXCELLENT resource for instructors who want to become more familiar with the songs in a live class setting. Instructors can observe cues, progressions/ regressions, and some REALLY fun commentary from the owners of UpBeat and guests. Set yourself up for success and come join us for some FUN!


Elevate Your Class

If you are certified to teach UpBeat Barre, Lift, or Pilates, let us help people find your classes! Under your instructor subscription, enter your class details (double check that address, date, and time!) so that participants can find you and experience UpBeat in person.

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