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The UpBeat Way

Our certification programs are designed to teach you how, what, and why we teach the way we do.  ​You will finish your certification feeling prepared to teach a safe, effective, and FUN class. Your subscription includes an entire library of tracks to start poppin' your class!

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HOW TO TEACH: Our class maps offer a plug-and-play experience, and we will teach you how to tailor it to the needs of your participants. Focus will be on proper form, the logistics of teaching, cueing, progressions/regressions, and special circumstances you may encounter in a class.

What to teach

WHAT TO TEACH: Have you ever left a certification thinking, "Now what?"




We will leave you with a checklist of to-dos in order to create and design your first class and beyond. Our certification covers body mechanics, proper safety and form, choreography, song mapping, step-by-step teaching a class, cueing, options, and creating an inclusive community. We make Lift, Barre, and Pilates accessible to everyBODY.

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Why We Teach

WHY WE TEACH: Have you heard us talk about FDA the UpBeat Way™? The CAKE Method™?  Take 5™? These might sound kitschy, but we promise to deliver easy methods of cueing form and technique to make your life easier and your participants more successful!

UpBeat Barre, Lift, and Pilates Instructors can access instructor plans by emailing after completing their certification and signing the instructor agreement. This will provide full access to the instructor portal as well as the choreography library and is a separate purchase.

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