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Terms and Conditions

Please agree to our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page before continuing.

By subscribing to this UpBeat Barre choreography subscription, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Recurring monthly or yearly payments (depending on your subscription) will be automatically billed to the credit card you enter at checkout. 

  2. If any credit card payment fails for any reason, your plan will be suspended until you update your payment information.

  3. All choreography is copyright protected and owned exclusively by UpBeat Barre, LLC. You have no claim of ownership to the choreography and only a license to use our choreography.

  4. You may only use zoom to teach online classes, which cannot be recorded or saved for on-demand use.

  5. You may not record or distribute the choreography except as directed in Paragraph 6. 

  6. Any video clips of the choreography that you choose to share online through social media or any other website must be limited to no more than 15 seconds and must not include more than two choreography moves. 

  7. You may only use the trademark “UpBeat Barre” in connection with the choreography if you have completed all requirements and executed an instructor agreement providing you a license and right to use our trademark. Subscribing to this choreography subscription does not give you a license or a right to use any mark owned by UpBeat Barre, whether registered or unregistered.

  8. You must not share choreography with nonsubscribers. 

  9. You must not share your login information with anyone.

  10. You assume all risk and financial obligations, including any medical costs incurred, in connection with your use of the choreography. You agree that you are physically able to participate in the choreography, and if necessary, you have sought medical advice before participating in the choreography.

  11. Your submission of any personal information through our website is governed by our Privacy Policy.

  12. These terms and conditions and any dispute arising out of or relating to them are governed by the state of Utah.

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