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Self-Paced ON DEMAND
In-Person Certification Trainings

Self-Paced ON DEMAND & In-Person Trainings


UpBeat Barre, Lift and Pilates instructors can access instructor plans by emailing after completing their certification and signing the instructor agreement. This will provide full access to the instructor portal as well as the choreography library. 


Plan prices are $29.95 monthly or $299.95 yearly. If you complete your certification and pass your homework within 30 days of your on demand purchase or the date of your in person certification you are eligible for the discounted Training Day Special subscription rate of $224.95.


If you are already certified in UpBeat Barre and have an active UpBeat Barre Subscription and choose to certify in UpBeat Pilates you will be eligible for the Barre/Pilates Combo Subscription. This subscription will give you access to the Pilates Library at no additional cost to you. 


If you are certified in UpBeat Barre and/or UpBeat Pilates and choose to certify in UpBeat Lift you are eligible for the UpBeat Lift Add-On Subscription which is $29.95 monthly or $179.95 yearly (which would be equal to $14.99 a month)

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