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How to Bring the Energy to an UpBeat Barre Class!

How Can I Make My Fitness Class Fun? Simple. UP(BEAT) your Energy!

We've got the magic sauce. Learn the 3 C's to better energy : connection, cueing, and consistency.

Energy is a huge part of a true UpBeat Barre class. UpBeat is constantly being compared to other barre formats by huge gym chains, small specialized studios, and of course individual participants; and the data doesn’t lie: UpBeat is DIFFERENT. Reports show higher class numbers, more calories burned, more sweat expelled, and an overall higher energy feeling achieved. How? Let’s chat.

UpBeat Barre is a class designed with VIIT and HIIT priniciples in mind. WE MOVE! Inspired by barre fitness movements, we take things a step further by minimizing breaks, taking up BIG SPACE, and utilizing TUT (Time Under Tension) for maximum burnout. The secret sauce? We do this all while letting popular music drive the intensity.

So let’s talk specifics. Here are 3 areas to focus on to achieve that signature UpBeat Energy!


The second participants walk through those doors, you have your first opportunity to set the UpBeat energy stage. Starting a class can be hectic (especially if there is limited time with a class before you), so be sure to get there early!

Waiting outside the room along with participants gives you the chance to meet newbies, introduce yourself as the instructor on a personal level, learn names, and set the energy for the hour ahead. Even if you are not an extroverted person, understand that it is your job as the instructor to go out of your comfort zone and take charge of the energy in that room even before you set foot inside. Need ideas?

An entire CEC Course coming to our website soon!

EnergyUP your CUEING

Putting changes in the tone and inflection of your voice can change your cueing game. Try to lower the register of your voice so you aren't shrill in your excitement.

One of the things we consistently hear participants say is that they love how we are in the workout with them. INstructors (see what I did there, wink) are grunting and grimacing right when they are, upping that energy to push through. Doing the workout along with the class not only helps them feel validated in the hard parts, it changes the energy coming from your cueing--we talk about the 200/50 rule in our full CEC--basically it helps you say the right things to correct the way they are feeling the workout.


Have you ever tried a new class and been totally lost? Same. What would happen if you kept attending the class, but the instructor did a different structure and workout each time? You'd never know what to expect right? Sometimes the workout might feel challenging, sometimes too easy, but you'd have a much harder time getting better. (Not to mention feeling like you were rolling the dice on the use of your precious time!)

Participants like consistency. They like knowing what to expect, how to improve, and most importantly, how to pace themselves to most efficiently get the workout they want. UpBeat helps you deliver this by keeping the energy focused outward. This is why you'll never see an UPB instructor with track notes to look at while teaching. They know the choreo and are ready to focus on YOU, the participant, sending the energy to party town instead of "what comes next oh no" town.

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