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We are often asked, "What IS barre? Isn't it just a ballet or dance class for grown ups?"

While barre definitely has balletic roots and the French term BARRE is defined as a stability handrail used in many ballet classes - a barre class certainly isn't limited to balletic movements.

Barre classes incorporate movements from Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Training (yup - that means weights). Don't be fooled however, in a barre class we don't use more than 5 pounds because it is a mind-body, muscular endurance class.

So what then is the UpBeat difference? How is UpBeat Barre different than any other barre class?

We recently attended a barre conference as well as sat in meetings with management at different gyms and have been asked these exact questions.

First and foremost - the UpBeat difference must be FELT. We encourage you to find a local class provided by one of our incredible trained UpBeat instructors with locations across the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and Costa Rica. Can't find a local instructor? Sign up for our free 7 day trial for Live and On Demand access to classes.