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We are often asked, "What IS barre? Isn't it just a ballet or dance class for grown ups?"

While barre definitely has balletic roots and the French term BARRE is defined as a stability handrail used in many ballet classes - a barre class certainly isn't limited to balletic movements.

Barre classes incorporate movements from Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Training (yup - that means weights). Don't be fooled however, in a barre class we don't use more than 5 pounds because it is a mind-body, muscular endurance class.

So what then is the UpBeat difference? How is UpBeat Barre different than any other barre class?

We recently attended a barre conference as well as sat in meetings with management at different gyms and have been asked these exact questions.

First and foremost - the UpBeat difference must be FELT. We encourage you to find a local class provided by one of our incredible trained UpBeat instructors with locations across the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and Costa Rica. Can't find a local instructor? Sign up for our free 7 day trial for Live and On Demand access to classes.

If you're looking for a written explanation - here's your answer.

Have you been to a group fitness class like pump, kickboxing or even barre and there is a constant sound of music with a techno beat? The music often doesn't end or when it does - you are unaware because it flows from one song to the next. Often even those popular tunes you hear on the radio have a "remix" style version for this type of class. The beats per minute are the same - 130-140 bpm's and the songs are often longer than the original. As instructors we plan our movements for a 32 count style - meaning every 32 counts we add on to or change the movement. In a barre specific class with this style of music there is often time to pulse and burn out or exhaust the muscle in the same, small repeating motion or combination movement - this is called sequencing (not to be confused with choreographing). Many call this "To The Beat" and although the movements are to the beat, they become stagnant or stale and quite frankly boring because of the predictable sequencing movements and similar musical beat.

At UpBeat Barre, we use those popular tunes you hear on the radio, NO techno remix, with a clear beginning and end to the song and let the music DRIVE the movement by creating choreography that is song mapped with a specific focus to each song. We don't waste time between or during tracks and we MOVE, creating big dynamic movement and trusting our participants to FEEL those progressions of movement quickly. Do we pulse? Do we add on to simple movements to create a combination? YES. However, this is done within the song, creating a heart rate spike plus a burn out that barre lovers love to hate. UpBeaters around the world have described it as exciting, fun, engaging and high energy.

We have revolutionized traditional barre (which we still love FYI). We've brought a traditionally exclusive, "pretty girl, dancer" workout to studios and gyms worldwide, making it accessible to everyone, no matter their fitness experience, gender preference, or race. In fact - we've had brothers, husbands, sons, football players and rodeo stars praise our instructors and all have testified that UpBeat Barre has made a difference in their form, body awareness, and abilities outside the group fitness room.

For our instructors, we've made their class prep easy - not only providing song by song choreography, but class maps which are a way to design their classes for maximum burn all while allowing their own creativity with our 80/20 rule. We wrap it all up like a wonderful little gift - or as our most recent instagram reel displayed - like a tasty pumpkin pie (or chocolate, or apple - you choose the flavor).

Bottom line of the UpBeat difference?

  • Popular music drives the MOVEment

  • Choreographed and song mapped - song by song

  • UpBeat doesn't waste your time - we trust you to FEEL

  • High energy, UPBEAT, and fun!

  • We're basically your favorite treat

- Tell us why you love the UpBeat difference in the comments below! -

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