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Last week on Instagram, we created a post about taking the option. We received an incredible response from teachers AND participants which we've included below. We are all on this journey together and we appreciate the discussion and open mindedness regarding this important topic!

"Taking the option

What does it mean?

It’re human. You’re getting stronger. You didn’t quit. You’re working on form. You’re taking things at the right pace for YOUR body. GOOD JOB!!!! What else does it mean?

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y nothing!!!! You are good enough, you’re strong enough, you’re listening to your body, and there is no comparison in that. We want you all to walk away from UpBeat Barre feeling like a better version of yourself, not a better (or lesser) version of someone else. 🤩 Believe in yourself. Because WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!🤩"


"Sooooo needed this message today! I wish we could just remove the “comparison” function of our brain sometimes. I can be really proud of what I’m accomplishing until I start comparing myself to someone else (or even to myself from 10 years ago)!"

"I take completely different levels just one day to the next! I loved when @elizabethlenartfitness said in my @balletoneofficial training, “your squat might look deep today, shallow tomorrow... it’s about FEELING and honoring.”"

"Option is my middle name! 😂💪🏽"

"Love this! ♥️Always tell people perfect form on the knees is better than wonky form on the toes! Get stronger! Don’t create an injury or a bad habit!"

"I’m more than happy to take that option when my form starts to slip or I’m about to say a swear word 😂🙌"

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