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How are you measuring success as a fitness instructor?

The first step in measuring success is to be truly honest with what we want out of being a fitness instructor. Is your idea of success to teach a certain amount of classes per week? Is it to be averaging at least 15 participants per class? To make a certain amount of money per class you teach? Or to provide a sense of community and belonging for those coming to your class?

You could have one of these ideas of success, non of these ideas, or a few different ways you measure your success. Make sure your ideas of success are truly your ideas. Don't let your friend's/neighbor's/co-worker's ideas of success determine yours. At the end of the day, if you are striving for somebody else's idea of what success is, you aren't going to be happy. Your friend's idea of success is good for them, but you need to find what works for you. Success should look different for everyone.

How do we find what is going to help us feel successful or fulfilled? We need to first identify what we truly want with our role as a fitness instructor. Envision yourself feeling truly fulfilled while teaching a class one year from now. What does the area of the class look like? Who is around you while you are teaching? What are you wearing? Where are you teaching this fitness class? What did you do to prepare for this class? How do you feel in this moment?

By envisioning this fulfilled future, we can determine how we measure success. Write that measurement down! Make it a priority to revisit this measurement of success to help you stay on a successful path for yourself. What is one thing you can do today to get to that vision of success to you? Start small and things will add up to you feeling successful and fulfilled in your role as a fitness instructor. And remember, this is your idea of what success looks like to you! Not the fitness instructor next to you. Be true to you and that is success in itself!

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I tell my participants & it's for me as an instructor too, to close their eyes just for a second and visualize looking far ahead down a road and seeing yourself succeed. Then I yell- YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL! Love this post about success, thank you!!

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