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UpBeat Barre is all about the FUN in FUNctional. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your class:


What is a neutral pelvis you ask? Essentially it’s the positioning of the hips and pubic bone (shhh - I know no one likes that word - but it’s science mmkay) tucked slightly toward the front of the room. No booty touche but not a full hip tuck - somewhere in the middle.

Why is this important? The neutral pelvis promotes core engagement and we all know that a strong core is the center of every movement which in turn keeps you safe - YES! We love it when we can get a bajillion benefits from one simple little thing - triple whammy - #yourewelcome.


Yes, UpBeat is known for our love of swinging hips and dancing about - but swinging those weights is a big no, no. Remember, barre is a mind body workout. Focus on the movement your body is creating, feel your muscles engage. Swinging doesn’t engage the muscles and therefore you don’t reap any benefits from the movement (except perhaps a sore back - and if that’s your thing then keep on swinging friend). How do you prevent that swing? First things first - lose the weight or lighten the load - we promise it’s not easier when you’re present and intentional.

3. Create a mind body connection. Oh what’s this - we are repeating ourselves. Pay attention - because THIS is important. Barre isn’t about muscle bulking, it’s about muscle endurance - which means lighter weights (cough, cough - can I get an amen from the people in the back?). Rarely do we ever use anything more than 5 pounds - it’s the way the workout is designed - so drop those 10 pounders (unless it’s a bag of hot tamales candy - in which case we salute you).

4. Listen to your body first, the instructor second. One of the best things you can learn for any fitness class is that the instructor is a guide to keep you safe, provide those options and make the workout accessible for everyone in the room. The instructor doesn’t know if you stayed up all night with a crying baby or just came back from an injury - only YOU know YOUR body. Listen to it, challenge it, and stay safe. It’s YOUR workout.

5. Be consistent and have fun. This is where UpBeat comes in - making every class an absolute party! Fitness should be fun! No more dreading of the stair stepper (I actually really love that thing - buuuuut have you ever seen a smiling face on one - mmmkay - point made). Go ahead and put those dancing grippy socks on friend because we about to get down at the barre. What UpBeat Barre class are you attending next??

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