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What is at the heart of UpBeat? What makes it BEAT?

  1. MUSIC


The end.

In all seriousness, the fitness world is ever changing and evolving, and traditional barre classes were losing numbers due to being overly serious or focused and to be frank - boring. The creators at UpBeat wanted to utilize the things we loved about traditional barre while adding a modern twist to help participants work hard while still having a blast. The secret? MUSIC. It's much like viewing a black and white silent film in full color with surround sound for the first time - creating a truly MIND BLOWING experience!

At UpBeat we LOVE our science. (We have to throw it in at every chance we get!). Did you know research shows that working out to high-tempo popular tunes reduces the rate of perceived effort while enhancing performance?

Source: ACE Foundation

Our bodies naturally want to move to the beat of a song - even if we aren't musically inclined. UpBeat choreography is key to that movement. Sure, we could throw on any old tune and dance in the kitchen, but at UpBeat, we break it down to the very anatomy of a song and choreograph specific movement to the beat and then test and refine. Sometimes it comes easy, yet other times the choreography is worked and reworked and occasionally put aside until we can see it with fresh eyes.

Essentially, choreography is at the heart of UpBeat, but the music makes it BEAT. UpBeat tunes and choreography send life giving energy and blood throughout the body creating a truly magical group fitness experience.

We have revolutionized the barre world by providing song by song choreography with detailed notes, video instructionals with killer cues (we all know cues take classes from drab to fab), and class maps to make learning and creating classes a breeze, not to mention our search feature is top notch - try searching booty shake! No more spending hours sifting through notes, long videos, searching for that perfect song, or bookmarking fitness accounts on social media just to find a single move to choreograph. We've gotchu friends!

Let UpBeat Barre bring the BEAT to YOUR life!

Are you a current subscriber? Share in the comments how your life and classes have changed through UpBeat Barre. Not yet a subscriber? Click the link below to find out more!

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