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Did you know that ANYONE can subscribe to UpBeat Barre?

Barre instructors can subscribe to our choreography service that includes hundreds of choreographed tracks designed to make your life easier and provide a killer burn in your barre classes. 


If you are looking to get your workout in at home, look no further! Subscribe for LIVE and ON-DEMAND popular (and we mean...REAL, normal, what you ACTUALLY like to listen to) music-licensed classes, delivered 24/7, with new classes airing:

Monday 7AM

Wednesday 7PM

Saturday 7AM


Short on time? UpBeat Studio Shorts will give you a quick burn, anytime, day or night, ON-DEMAND.

As a certified instructor, gain access to our Instructor Portal, where you will get access to unreleased choreography, certification videos, continuing education, marketing materials, and cool down options to level up your classes and social media game.

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  • Instructor Yearly

    Every year
    SAVE $130 a year with Instructor Yearly Plan!
  • Instructor Monthly

    Every month
    Access to Choreo, Class Maps, LIVE and ON-DEMAND

    Every month
    Access to LIVE and UpBeat Studio ON-DEMAND
     7 day free trial
  • ONDEMAND Gift Member

    The perfect holiday gift for a fitness fanatic
    Valid for 3 months

By selecting this plan, you agree to recurring payments monthly/yearly that will be automatically billed to the credit card you enter at checkout. If your credit card defaults, this plan will be suspended until you update payment.

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