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You've felt the fire with UpBeat Barre and see and feel the difference it makes in your classes - now you want to be official - WELCOME! We're glad you're here!

We often get asked the difference between simply using our choreography in classes vs being an UpBeat Barre instructor. We have many people who subscribe to UpBeat Barre for choreography, ideas, and class help. However, this blog post explains exactly what you need to do in order to be an official UpBeat Barre instructor and call your classes UpBeat Barre. Why the differentiation? In an UpBeat Barre certification, we give you specific tools and training in the UpBeat Barre method. Being an official UpBeat instructor and calling your classes UpBeat Barre differentiates your classes from what other barre formats do. People know that UpBeat barre offers a consistent, sweaty workout that is driven by the music they love and provides a full-body muscular endurance experience, and they want to see that on the schedule!

Here's what you'll need to do in order to officially license your class to be called


Complete ALL of the following:

1. Attend an UpBeat Barre certification training.

Our training is an 8 hour, fun filled, ball joke littered training that will teach you the how, what and why behind UpBeat Barre. You will leave feeling prepared with the tools and support you need to become the best instructor you can be (from novice to seasoned - we cover it all).

2. Complete the homework section from the UpBeat Barre certification day. Comments and a returned passing grade must be received as well as completion of the remaining steps before you are an official UpBeat Instructor.

3. Sign an instructor agreement (this will come with your passing score on the homework and must be signed in order for us to allow you use of our logo and trademark.)

4. If you work for a gym the gym must also sign a gym lisence agreement (much like the instructor agreement - totally free, but allows the use of our logo and trademark as well as ensures that you and anyone who subs for you under the UpBeat name are also official UpBeat instructors.)

5. You must remain a CURRENT UpBeat Barre subscriber and follow all the guidlines for calling your classs UpBeat Barre (80% UpBeat choreography and teaching the "UpBeat Way").


1. You have been grandfathered in and completed all the steps necessary in the list you were previously given (If you know this - you know who you are).

So there you have it my friends - a complete list of exactly what you need to do to become part of this fast paced, growing community of friends and supporters. Will you take the leap and join us??

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