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UpBeat Barre: Group Fitness Edition

UpBeat Barre is muscular-endurance HIIT fusion of cardio, strength, pilates, and yoga. UPB uses popular music to create an accessible, sweaty, and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity.

Sounds different, right?

It is, friends.

Because of the functionality and accessibility of UpBeat, it can be executed in typical mind-body rooms, studios, and smaller spaces, but it is transformative and empowering when placed in the larger group fitness space for several reasons:

—Our instructors are trained to be on top of verbal, verbal visual, visual, and participatory cueing (they’re demonstrating each move WITH their participants…walking around and snapping are not part of our training nor recommended when teaching UpBeat Barre).

—Instructor-led demonstrative teaching experiences work well on a stage and music driven classes lend to a larger crowd following along easily.

—UpBeat Choreography typically has 3-5 moves per song, and recycles through each move so participants can nail form and safety.

—Music-driven teaching takes the mental work of knowing what’s coming next out of the class and into prep time. This leaves room for the instructor to check form and provide solid verbal cues within the song, contributing to overall participant success without one-to-one correction.

—UpBeat’s mission is to provide accessible fitness for everyBODY—which economically and physically lends to a group fitness environment.