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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

When we first started teaching our barre classes (long before UpBeat Barre was born) we thought that taking the time to explain each movement in the upcoming song was helpful to the participants. We thought they wouldn't understand the movements unless we talked about it before the actual song started. Guess what? This was not helpful to them. We have found that taking a break and talking too long between each song decreases participants' heart rates, they become distracted/bored, their muscles start to cool down, and they don't remember each move by the time you get to it in the song anyway!

We have learned that we need to trust our participants. Trust that they will follow your directions and cues as you give them while teaching within the song. We also need to trust ourselves as instructors. We are going to be efficient and concise in our cueing so they can easily follow along and adjust form as needed.

Trust is "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something." Let your participants rely on their ability and strength to follow you. By explaining each movement before the song, you are essentially denying them of their opportunity to show their strength and ability to follow you! They came to your class because they wanted to be led while MOVING. Not be talked to while standing still.

When we started trusting our participants (and ourselves) to move through songs with simple cues of what equipment they would need and the coming focus, we found great success in participants' workout feedback. Heart rates were higher, the effectiveness of the movements were better because their muscles were constantly being challenged, and participants were invested and excited for what song was coming next.

Your participants have already put their trust in you by showing up to class. Return that trust in them! With that gain in trust between both parties, confidence will be gained for everyone in the UpBeat class! Now ladies (and gentlemen) of UpBeat Barre, let's start trusting!

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