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Summer is just around the corner and outdoor classes are in the spotlight! But Barre, outdoors? How is this even possible?? You need equipment for barre?? Right??

We are here to tell you that you CAN and SHOULD do outdoor barre! Below are answers to some questions we've had about outdoor barre;

1 - I don't have equipment, what do I do?

If the Covid 19 pandemic taught us anything, it's that all things can be done equipment free! After all, barre is a mind-body workout! Any track can be done sans equipment for a great burn when you have presence of mind (enter those fabulous cues to carry those groceries up 3 flights of stairs in one trip!) .

No mat, no problem - find a flat, grassy area for the floor portion of class or lay a beach towel or blanket down.

No chair/pole - easy fix. Choose tracks that can easily be done without a stability object, or find a fence, playground bench, or pole to hold onto. Be sure to scout your location prior to class to know what's available to you.

2 - I want to use equipment, but don't know where to start and I want something easy to carry (aka - I don't want to drag my basket of 2 pound weights everywhere).

BANDS! BALLS!! Our top 2 pieces of equipment we recomend for outdoor barre. Lightweight and easy to carry and so very versatile - you'll have a BALL! Many of our weighted tracks can be swapped out for the band with a few modifications. The ball is a fantastic way to give songs a fresh feel! Try using the ball instead of weights for a track or two to really add the fun factor. Here are a few links to where you can buy both bands and balls:

BANDS (we like the green and orange):


3 - SOUND! Where do I start?

Music is at the heart of group fitness. Your sound is of utmost importance. If you are planning to do outdoor classes - this is where you should start! But it'll take some investment. You will need a good speaker, and a mic (barre is best with a mic - just do it). If you've got a Costco nearby - hit up the electronics department for a deal on a portable speaker with wheels. If Costco isn't available, Amazon Prime is your best friend. Here are links to a portable speaker and our favorite mic for a bargain!



PLEASE NOTE! If you are doing outdoor classes - be mindful of the time of day and the volume of your sound, especially if there are homes around.

4 - Do I need to have insurance to teach outdoors?

YES! YES! YES! As a fitness instructor you should have personal liability insurance. Do your homework and find what works best for you and your circumstances.

As a side note - you should always have permission to teach at any location. It just takes a few phone calls and a friendly, UpBeat attitude.

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