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No One Showed Up For Class

You may think, “ but she’s a creator of that format, or a master trainer for this,” or “she has so many Instagram followers - of course she has full capacity classes”

I am here to tell you that EVERYONE has had a small class or has had no one show up. And truth be told, having those experiences makes you a better instructor.

Here’s the thing, 99% of the time, it’s not you. We all go there ... “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not a strong instructor”, “I’m too new at this”, “how can I succeed when there are so many others?”, “what makes me special?”

If people don’t show up. It is not a reflection on the teacher.

As a business owner, numbers are analytics. When no one comes to class the number is 0. If it’s a consistent 0, other analytics come into play. Is the time right for the class? Does it coincide or go back to back with another class that is similar? How is the advertising? Is the price right? What is the location and demographic? Although important, the capabilities of the instructor rarely affect the result.

So what do you do when no one shows up??