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You've done it! You've certified in UpBeat Barre! You've gone home and taken the time to create your first playlist, have learned all the choreography, practiced cueing, written down and practiced progressions and regressions, picked out your first class outfit, and ... are you forgetting anything?

It can be overwhelming and nerve wracking trying to think of everything you might need, so we have created a checklist for you ... a what's in an instructors Mary Poppins gym bag of magic!

- batteries for mic (most require 2-3 AA or AAA's - bring both if you don't know for certain)

- potentially your own mic

- dongle (google this if you don't know what it is)

- barre socks

- sweatshirt for before and after class

- towel (some of us sweat a lot)

- water!

- quick reference list of songs and equipment

A few of our seasoned UpBeat instructors have recommended the following:

- gum or mints for cotton mouth

- hair ties (they always seem to get lost)

- an extra speaker and portable phone charger in your car in case the worst happens

- extra water bottle stash in your car because someone always forgets (including you sometimes)

- chapstick, deodorant, and girl hygiene necessities

- candy for quick sugar in case you or someone needs a quick boost

And most importantly! Your confidence! Because YOU rock! We are cheering you on! Your class is cheering you on! If you are nervous, just think of us all naked in the back of your class...doing barre...that'll cheer you right up and shake those nerves right out of you!

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