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Muscle endurance training VS strength training.

The BIG question - is there a difference and which one is better for you?

Let me just give it to you straight. YES, there is a big difference between the two AND spoiler alert - one is not better than the other - we need BOTH types of training for functional, every day movement.

Let's get geeky and dive deeper mmkay (but not too deep - gonna keep it English and not scientist - cuz like, I'm not a scientist - just fully INTO this body type stuff.

Muscles are made up of hundreds and thousands of fibers, which then break down into myofibrils and myofilaments - you know - down to the tiny atom type particle. It's these fibrils and filaments that slide across each other and allow the muscle to contract and generate force. Did I just get too scientific when I said I wouldn't? Okay, Ok, let's get to the real goodness - muscle fibers! There are 3 different types of muscle fibers - in this blog post we will just refer to 2 - slow and fast twitch. Yay! A term we've heard of! EVERY muscle has each of these types of fibers within them but some muscles have more slow twitch fibers and others have more fast twitch.