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Lunges With a Barre Flare

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Want a way to mix up your lunges? Here are 3 lunge variations with a barre flare added to them. Tell us if you try them out! Tag us on your next instagram story using these moves @upbeat.barre!

The first is a curtsy lunge. Take that curtsy lunge back into your lunge position, as you come back up, bring that knee up directly to the side. Making it a challenge on that core by lifting the leg and balancing on the one leg standing.

The second is a reverse lunge. Take your lunge back and as you come up extend that leg in front of you by straightening and raising as far as you can in front of your body. Really engaging those lower abs on raising that leg and concentrating on engaging that thigh as it extends out your leg.

The third starts in a static hold lunge. While holding that lunge, the back heel comes forward and back while your front foot remains planted in that lunge position. Be sure to keep this slow and controlled and you will feel that burn!

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