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Strength starts with weakness.

Balance starts with instability.

Coordination starts with incoordination.

What do all these have in common? START

I've been studying a lot about barefoot workouts. Sometimes we have to untie those tennis shoes, peel off our socks, ground our bare feet, and start working those foot muscles. Our feet might be sore (not unlike our shoulders after doing our UpBeat hit "The Man" in barre class three times this week!). However, with soreness comes strength, and with strength pain points. As we continue starting the results come, in this case, increased stability, body awareness, improved joint mechanics, and muscular toes (you know you want that!). Whether it's in fitness or the world surrounding us right now, let's START. Join us as we learn from our pain points, get curious and dig a little deeper, and see where this journey can take us!

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