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Jumping Into January: a self check!

It's that time of year: everyone is looking to start fresh, to turn a new leaf, and jump start their routine (after the--what day even is it--week between holidays) and we are HERE for it! So, we've compiled a few reminders, tips, and tricks to help you to get the most consistent and valuable UpBeat Barre experience! Whether you are rocking UpBeat classes, want to become an instructor this year (2023 is YOUR YEAR - it will change your life!), or just want to UP your instructor game, read on!

in 2023, just remember: CONSISTENCY IS QWEEN / KING - just like YOU.

Was gonna say KEY, but you know what you are [hair toss].

Participants: just show up! Be consistent in your efforts. You are doing great if you do 2 tracks or all 16. Be patient with yourself as you perfect your form first. We are here to get stronger and prevent injury, not to show others what we can (or can't) do. :)

Instructors: you're amazing! We absolutely LOVE seeing you getting people moving and loving their workout with UpBeat Barre! In the new year, try to identify places your classes could feel inconsistent and take those classes up another notch! (Visit the instructor portal for more detailed notes and ideas!)

  • Choreography: please follow choreography to a T. It has been designed and tested specifically to isolate certain muscles safely as you work through a playlist. Providing "options" is very different from changing choreography. (Example: offering a bicep curl in place of a Y shoulder press for those with shoulder injuries - you're still showing both options.) Your 20% allowance should be used for your tracks and to get specific needs met for your crew! To keep classes from Japan to California getting the same UpBeat formula and feeling, we ask you to review choreo each class to keep it consistent with 80% of your playlist comprising released UpBeat tracks done to accuracy.

When UpBeat choreography is released, you can be certain of several things: it will have a focus (and maintain that focus throughout the track); it has been tested among a dozen demographics for safety, ease of cueing, and optimal timing; and it is designed for maximum efficiency (aka there will be no identity crisis or time wasting in the track).

  • Equipment: "1 ball, that's all." Ok we're not Craig Swapp, but keep equipment to one piece whenever possible. Weights, barre, and mat are givens and will almost always be used (aka they don't count :), so choose one additional piece and stick with it for an entire playlist : sliders, ball, or band, etc. You'll be surprised how simplifying equipment will help with class flow and FORM! Participants can really work on form for an entire class with that specific piece and they'll thank you for it! And while we're talking about it -- make sure you are STACKING that equipment (3-4 weight songs in a row, then 3 band songs, etc.). This makes it so much easier for your flow (and brain)!

  • Music: You should be getting 14-17 songs in an hour-long playlist. Limit silence to 10 seconds or less in between most tracks. (20-30 seconds might be necessary to transition to the floor.) Use intros and outros for prepping and USE A CHEAT SHEET! Do you know what this is and how to use it?? Please reach out (no shame!) if not. To keep classes truly UpBeat, please don't tank the energy with too much silence -- it feels MUCH LONGER to your participants than it does to you!

  • What's a MATter? Let's talk mats! Mats are awesome for floor work, and that's it. Talk over. Ok, but in reality, having mats out anytime other than floor work can seriously limit your participants' space and range of motion (and therefore form-- eek!) so be a stickler about getting them put away (it's even worth a 30 second break if that's what it takes!) when you aren't doing work on the floor. TIP: if participants like to save their spot this way, let them, then right before starting, put have them put them away for safety and tripping hazards -- remember: in UpBeat WE MOVE!

  • PAT yourself on the back because we love you! You are improving every class as you employ these strategies more and more. Trust us, we need refreshers on the weekly too! We can be found watching every choreo video and reviewing notes as we work to improve the UpBeat experience by bringing a little more consistency to our classes and instructors! WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU and we are right here with you. Please reach out with any questions or ways we can help you!

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