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DEAR BODY, THANK YOU FOR __________ (fill in the blank).

Have you ever heard of the rice experiment? Essentially, you place cooked rice in clear jars and put them in the same spot for thirty days. To one jar, you speak kinds words. To another jar, you speak unkindly and to the third, you say nothing. After the thirty days you evaluate the mold. It is incredible the results! To the jar you spoke to kindly, only a little mold has grown. To the jar you spoke rudely, the presence of mold is very apparent and to the jar you ignored, the mold has grown even more rapidly.

It is incredible how our words affect organic substances. It is no wonder then, that our bodies and minds have similar responses.


In the fitness industry we hear a lot of talk about bodies; what they look like and things you can do to get a “better” one.


We do not deny that goals, challenges, and improvement are wonderful things to strive for. However, you only get one body in this life, and if you’re lucky enough to have a functional one, one that allows you to run, love, feel/hear/taste and experience all this crazy world has to offer, it’s nice to pause daily and truly appreciate the gift it is to move these incredible bodies!

We are seeing the movement toward body love and acceptance at all stages of our journey and we are in full support of it! Let's change the way we speak to our minds and bodies because they are a gift!


"Dear Body, ⁣⁣

I’m sorry for the hurtful things I’ve said. You are always there, protecting and nourishing me. I’m sorry for the times I judged you, how I’ve always tried to change or alter you rather than understand and respect you. I’m sorry for punishing you when all you wanted was to be fed and healthy. Dear body, THANK YOU for loving me even when I didn’t love you back. I promise that from today on, I will listen and act with love, and nourish you, because I love and respect you, ⁣⁣

Dear body, thank you. ⁣"

Tell us in the comments below what you would thank your body for.

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