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Today we wanted to help you answer the question: “What is the future of group fitness?” Since the gyms closed, and we ALL made a giant pivot in our lives and particularly our workout lives, this is a question that is always on our minds.

Our resident researcher has been scouring the podcast world as well as talking to as many people as she can to find some projections and answers. While we don’t claim to hold any secrets of the universe, we wanted to share four podcasts that have helped us in forming our future expectations for both our business and our personal lives!

1. Build Your Tribe: How Coronavirus will impact your business. Any turbo fire fanatics out there? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Chalene Johnson is a great resource for both building businesses and especially fitness business, and offers some essential things to consider in “THE PIVOT” @chalenejohnson@buildyourtribe

2. The Journal: Dr. Anthony Fauci on How Life Returns to Normal: Dr Fauci is one of the leading public health experts in the world and gives us some really good projections on what things are going to look like moving forward in real life. @wsj

3. Fit and Fierce on the Mic: Fitness Interrupted - Covid-19. My girls and @laurengeorgefitness get real and vulnerable in this podcast talking about their personal and professional changes they’ve been experiencing as well as offering excellent guidance for now and for the future of what we can focus on and look forward to as we get back into the gym!

4. Science Rules with Bill Nye: fact geeks unite, here is your chance to get weekly updates on coronavirus science developments and projections on when life will get back to normal!

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