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Cinco De Mayo UpBeat Barre Playlist

Looking for a fun Cinco De Mayo Barre Playlist?

Look no further! We've got you covered with not just one but TWO different Latin-flair flavored playlists for your classes.

Playlist #1 (Linked on Spotify)

Warmup: Dynamite

Lower: Fire (Ball)

Peak: Cola Song (Ball) (Double peak stack what?!?!)

Lower (Quads/Biceps): Hips Don't Lie

Upper (Triceps): Feel So Good (With Weights)

Upper (Back): Starstruck

Lower (Quads/Shoulders): Don't Go Yet (Weights)

Standing Core: Despacito-Remix

Barre: Let's Get Loud (No equipment)

Barre: Sway (No equipment)

Barre: Sweet like Cola (Ball)

Floor (Plank): That's What I Want (Ball)

Floor (Side Lying): We Be Burnin' (Ball)

Floor (Bridge): Dance With Me (Diplo)

Floor (Abs): Acapulco

Fun Cooldown: Seniorita

Playlist #2 (Linked on Spotify)

Warmup: I Feel Good

Standing Core: Despacito-Remix

Lower (Inner Thigh/Shoulders): Don't Go Yet

Upper (Shoulders/Back): Timber

Lower (Quads/Biceps): Hips Don't Lie

Upper: Feel So Good (Weights, no band)

Peak: Cola Song (Ball)

Barre: Booty (Ball)

Barre: Sweet Like Cola (Ball)

Barre: Liar (Ball optional)

Barre: Let's get Loud

Barre: Sway

Floor (Plank): Hot In It

Floor (Back): Lean Like a Cholo

Floor (Bridge): Dance with Me

Floor (Supine Abs): Acapulco

Cool Down: Get Right by JLo

If you're not already subscribed to UpBeat Barre, what are you waiting for?

This, and a zillion other themed, pre-choreographed, fiery songs are at your fingertips, complete with notes, instructionals, and full choreo videos with music!

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