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Better Together--Finding Unity starts with ONE person

In June, Celebrating Pride Month and Juneteenth, UpBeat Barre created a campaign called "Better Together", where we highlighted the different ways we can be better together--by being an ALLY, promoting building an inclusive fitness community, raising awareness about anti-bullying, and providing inclusivity for people of all ages, stages, and genders.

Unity in diversity is an expression of harmony between dissimilar individuals or groups.

We don’t need to have one mindset, one thought, or even one idea in order to be united. We are better when we can come together and work hard to find compromise, seek harmony, and unite in purpose.

Being united is super easy when we are all the same. But there is something beautiful in coming together from different backgrounds, ideas, thought patterns, and ideals to form something that is truly all-inclusive. It’s hard work to break down our 2-D illusions of what we think is best—but what we will find instead is a 3-dimensional view of a truly spectacular bigger picture.