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Our base.

Our stability.

52 out of 206 bones are in your feet.

They’re, like, important, okay?

And here’s the deal. The barefoot workout has been through its ups and downs in the fitness world. There have been dos and don’ts, and we are pleased that the majority of the fitness world has landed in the DO category because we see so many scientific and fitness benefits!

*Our feet have muscles, too, and they have to work harder and get stronger when we don’t have the cushy shoes encasing them. We can spread our toes, pull up our arches, and strengthen our ankles while giving ourselves a greater range of motion from ankles to toes.

*As we develop the muscles in our feet, we gain greater stability overall. Many of our participants and instructors have reported their previously achy feet no longer hurt in any of their workouts, and it’s scientifically proven that our smaller muscles activate to increase stability and balance in bare feet.

*The benefits of spreading your toes and planting them to the ground are many! Giving yourself a wide base is helpful, and spreading out your bones and stretching the tips of your fascia will increase blood flow and nutrient distribution overall!

*You know how we love the mind-body connection. Did you know that bare feet activate the central nervous system differently than a workout with shoes? That, in turn, effects the entire body, activating muscles differently, specifically the stabilizing muscles in your glutes and core.

Unless you have specific direction from your doctor, ditch those shoes and try a barefoot workout!

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