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January 2024

UpBeat Lift

UpBeat Pilates

in addition to
UpBeat Barre

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UpBeat Lift

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UpBeat Barre

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UpBeat Pilates

 + ON DEMAND classes & certifications

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Hundreds of choreographed tracks for any

barre class + ON DEMAND classes

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Learn the UpBeat way by certifying with us in one of our 8 hour fun and information-packed trainings, where you will learn the why behind each format and all the details that will set you up for success: form and safety, how to design a class, the option, cueing, and beyond. 

Level up your instructing by joining our community.



 Live/On Demand


UpBeat Studio



Certify and subscribe for unlimited access to UpBeat Barre, UpBeat Pilates, and UpBeat Lift Class Maps, Choreography, and the instructor portal, + UpBeat Studio On Demand and 

UpBeat Studio Shorts

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Find a Class

WIth hundreds of instructors around the world, find a class near you and experience UpBeat In-Person. 

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