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We are passionate about UpBeat Choreography and want you to be, too! Our choreography is set song-by-song below, and is searchable by Title, Equipment, Focus, Learn, and Burn Level! When we count down 3,2,1, PLAY, you can also start your music and it should follow. 

Please remember that this choreography is copyright protected by UpBeat Barre, LLC, and is not to be shared with non-subscribers. Your login is your own, not your instructor friend's. Clips shared on social media should be limited to 15 seconds and not include all of the moves in a song. Your support in helping us maintain the integrity of our program is important to us, thank you!

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Thunder by Imagine Dragons is a floor glute series--the track starts with the music so you might want to put a 10 second of silence track in between this and the previous song. Make sure to watch your and your participant's lines, limbs stacked and pull up to a full 90 degrees to engage the glutes.

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