We are passionate about UpBeat Choreography and want you to be, too! Our choreography is set song-by-song below, and is searchable by Title, Equipment, Focus, Learn, and Burn Level! When we count down 3,2,1, PLAY, you can also start your music and it should follow. 

Class Mapping Options

6 Tried and True class designs with a specific focus in mind to ease the burden of putting together a class that targets multiple muscle groups, has smooth transitions, and maintains the integrity of barre.

Full Spotify Workouts

Can't make our Live-Stream times? We get it, life gets busy and we have multiple schedules and time zones we are working with. If you're aching for the livestreams, message us for a little tech tip on that, and otherwise, come to our spotify workouts and comply with music licensing laws AND get a workout with us! (We know it's not ideal, but it's still a great way to move your body in a pinch!)

Our 7 live stream workouts are perfect for participants who aren't able or ready to work out at the gym (#covid) and an EXCELLENT resource for instructors who want to become more familiar with the songs in a live stream class setting, with cues, progressions/regressions, and some REALLY fun commentary from the owners of UpBeat.  Set yourself up for success and come join us for some FUN barre!

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Live Stream Classes

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