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With so many barre certification programs to choose from, why choose UpBeat Barre?

Have you ever worked on a puzzle only to find one piece (or a few) missing?? You find yourself sifting and searching inside the box, the floor, underneath things. Oh no, did the dog eat it? The aggravation! The time wasted! Cue the tears??

Why mention this anxiety causing event? What does this have to do with barre? Well friends, UpBeat Barre IS that missing piece! We bring each small piece of the larger barre puzzle together and form a complete, whole, beautiful and HELLA fun puzzle that you will want to create and re-create!

UpBeat Barre is not your traditional barre class and neither is our certification program! An UpBeat Barre certification brings the FUN back into barre! At our certifications we teach you the WHAT and WHY behind barre training. Science you say? Yes. But don't worry - we present it in the most entertaining, UPBEAT way possible - nope - boring is not in our vocabulary! We will train you WHY and HOW to teach UpBeat Barre and provide you with our signature CAKE and FDA methods along with all the tools necessary to deliver the most incredible barre class with confidence!

Have you ever left a training feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and even a little discouraged? This will not happen at an UpBeat Barre Certification! Perhaps you will leave with exhausted muscles from so much movement (actually - that's a guarantee), and maybe you won't be prepared to teach a class the very next day (unless you already know all the choreography), but you will leave empowered, excited and most importantly prepared with knowledge and tools to know exactly what steps you need to take in order to teach. The best part - the community! We are a community of equals! Friends and instructors alike - NEVER competition! We are here to help you succeed!

Here is what a few of our trainees have said:

"The amazing women of UpBeat Barre continue to revolutionize barre fitness. they created a fun, interactive and more importantly an informative certification training. I love being prepared and this training prepared me with the tools I need to begin teaching."

-Jen Ward

"Just wanted to say how grateful and proud I am to be a part of your first certification. It's just the beginning for you guys and you couldn't have set the tone any better. Such a welcoming, kind, inclusive, knowledgeable group of women. I'm so excited to represent what your brand stands for. Thanks for all of your sweat, brains, and time spent away from your loved ones so we could all benefit for years to come."

-Kelli Thrapp

"That training was awesome. It was so well organized, informative and easy to follow. It was also fun and entertaining. What could turn into a long day or be boring was completely demolished by you guys. You kept it funny and light and it was overall so, so, so good! So happy I came. I subscribed for the yearly plan so I can learn good choreography and tips and do classes online. Thanks for the fun day!"

-Candice Reynolds

So what are YOU waiting for friends? Do you want to start teaching the UpBeat way?? Join us at a certification near you!!

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Wendy Franklin
Wendy Franklin
01 nov. 2020

You ladies are incredible, and I feel the same way as Jen, Kelli and Candice. Such a great training and I am grateful to be on the team.

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