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"Hmmm, what to wear?" I thought as I was preparing to teach on a beautiful spring morning. My new white leggings were calling my name. They slid on like butter and I felt good. There's something about a new pair of workout clothes that makes you feel like you can conquer anything.

I'm sure you can guess what happened ... a few minutes into class, a sweet front row participant handed me her jacket and said, "Here, use this, I think you started your period."

I was mortified! I had no idea it was that time of the month, yet there I was standing in front of a class with dearest "Flow" visiting and I had the audacity to wear white!

As fitness instructors, we are bound to run into an embarrassing moment or two during our time in the field - and some of us - a few more than seems fair. So what do you do when that black thong shows through your leggings, your shorts rip during a squat, or you take a wrong step and fall off the stage?


Of course it's easier said than done. However, most participants don't notice or think twice - they understand we are all human. If participants do notice, they either think you rocked that thong or gave them a laugh and brightened their day - so go ahead and laugh along with them.

The ending to the white pants saga ... I proudly took that jacket, tied it around my waist, announced the elephant in the room, and we all giggled then went on with our workout. At the end of class I received numerous hugs and thank you's for being real and relatable and heard a few more embarrassing moments from participants that we all laughed about and bonded over.

We want to hear YOUR stories - what embarrassing moments have you encountered as a participant or instructor and how have you embraced the moment?

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