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3 Plank Variations for your Barre, Muscle, and Strength Classes

This week on Instagram @upbeat.barre, Kara shared three plank variations to add to your workouts for your barre, muscle, and strength classes.

1--The mountain climber sweeper. In a high plank, bring opposite knee to elbow, and then sweep to the other side of the body and bring the leg straight back into the plank position. Alternate sides.

2. The Rock. In an elbow plank position, keeping core and booty tight, rock your entire body forward and back, hinging from the shoulders and toes.

3. Mountain Climber Kicks. In a downward dog, lift leg high so it is in alignment with your head, shoulders, back, and booty. Bring leg in to your chest, hinging at the hip. Draw leg back out, pointing toe and reaching and stretching through your body.

Try adding these to a plank track and let us know what you think!

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