Frequently asked questions

What is UpBeat Barre?

UpBeat Barre is a certification program for people who want to become barre instructors, online choreography subscription for fitness instructors, and livestream workouts for participants. We offer song by song, to the beat choreography with notes as well as class structure suggestions to take your fitness classes to the next level for your barre, muscle, and strength workouts.

Why UpBeat?

The fitness world is ever changing and evolving, and the creators at Upbeat found traditional barre classes quickly losing numbers. The solution we found was simple – MUSIC. After simplifying the complex movements of traditional barre and choreographing those movements to popular UpBeat music, we found classes began to explode again.

How do I cancel my account?

In the top right corner next to your account circle, there is an arrow drop down. Click on "My Subscriptions" and you will be taken to a page that lists your subscriptions. From there, you can cancel your account. (Hint: if you don't see a subscription listed in the account you are in, it's possible you signed in on your "google" account, not the "wix" account that you initially signed in under. Try signing out and signing in with email instread of through google.)

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