Class Mapping

One of the things we love most about Barre is the freedom to arrange your class however you like! That being said, we know especially when an instructor is first starting out, they might want a little more direction. Below we have shared six options for class mapping options. They are by no means exhaustive, but hopefully will spark inspiration for your classes!


--No one is watching if you switch things up, move them around, and find your groove within these suggested outlines. 

--After you pull your playlist together, check for the following things:

     -Is my equipment stacked? Am I using any given piece of     

      equipment for at least two consecutive songs?

     -Have I covered all the planes of motion and body part focus


     -Am I in parallel AND turnout? First and Second position? 

     -Do I have a variety of song lengths (not too many short ones in a


     -Did I add in silent tracks sufficient to transition between

     equipment or class placement? Do I have time within the confines

     of my class for a cool down?

--Sometimes you'll find that an UPPER works as a LOWER, a BARRE works center floor, or even a WARMUP works as a FLOW! Use your little noggin' and you'll discover with a few tweaks *almost* all things are possible. 

--*Indicates a song you can pull out for a shortened class environment

--See “Alternatives” for a fun twist on our traditional CLASS MAP. 

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